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We are enhancing our analysis with even more demographics insights.

The Burns US Demographics Analysis and Forecast is a reliable, one-stop source for demographics insights and forecasts for housing industry executives. 

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Here is what you can expect:  

  • Demographics clarity to support national strategic decisions for the housing industry—updated every quarter. 
  • Executive-level insights covering demographics shifts and specific action items for builders, developers, rental operators, building products companies, and all associated investors.  
  • The most important national demographics analysis and forecasts, with easy-to-digest and shareable visuals, all in one place

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This package provides a complete picture of housing supply, demand, and affordability through local insight, proprietary surveys, and extensive data analysis. We currently provide an overview of major housing and economic trends across 100 MSAs nationwide.

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This package provides a comprehensive overview of the single-family rental (SFR) industry’s major markets, including forecasts, SFR market rankings, macro drivers, housing supply, and demographic trends.

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This package provides complete look into the multifamily sector, including apartments and dedicated build-to-rent communities. A deep dive into the sector’s major markets, including forecasts, rental market ratings, key fundamentals, economic drivers, demographics, and the impact of alternative housing sectors.

Building Products Package

This package provides current, in-depth insight into building products industry conditions in the country, including a forecast for residential new construction and repair and remodeling spend over the next four years.

Geographic Overview of the Public Home Builders Package

This package is designed for those who compare publicly-traded builders (including securities investors) to each other. Every month we rank each publicly-traded home builder based on the past, current, and forecasted performance of its geographic footprint.

Recent Insights on Demographics

Immigration will fuel the majority of US population growth in the next decade. This immigration-related growth will impact local housing markets around the country—especially in California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and the Northeast.
The US government programs designed to boost homeownership just made buying a home more accessible.
We now monitor domestic migration trends in near real time, using postal address change forms that are current within a few months.
While the number of adults in America grew at the lowest rate in decades from 2020–2022, household formations actually surged—the opposite of what we expected—to 1.5 million per year. 
Dr. Michael Roizen joins our podcast to discuss some concepts from his new book, The Great Age Reboot: Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow.

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