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It’s the Spring Selling Season, So Why Are You Reading this Instead of Selling a Home?

Every year, the housing sector eagerly awaits the spring selling season. With the holidays in the rearview and the weather warming, it’s time to buy. If you are a purist about seasonal starting dates, it is not technically spring yet, but don’t be that way.

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Issues, interviews, and insights into the U.S. housing market. Monthly takes on what’s happening in the housing market today, and what might be happening tomorrow. Hosted by Dean Wehrli, Principal at John Burns Research and Consulting.

Dean Wehrli

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Dean Wehrli


Dean manages residential and commercial real estate consulting assignments across the country and has deep knowledge of California’s Bay Area, Sacramento, and Central Valley markets as well as Northern Nevada. Dean specializes in aggregating housing market trends and conducting primary research, including consumer research, to recommend the product segmentation that will maximize price and absorption for specific target buyer profiles.

We have featured many industry leaders on our podcast throughout the years.

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