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Deborah Blake of The Ipsum Group shares insights on optimal home builds, amenities, marketing strategies, and consumer preferences for the 55+ buyer.

Today, we’re sharing insights uncovered at the 10th annual IMN Build-to-Rent (BTR), Land, and Homebuilding Forum in Las Vegas.
At the end of 2022, we predicted 23 trends for 2023. This month, our curated list of articles reflects on how these trends are playing out.
The market did not behave normally this year. Typically, the supply of homes for sale on the market increases from February through September, then decreases.

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Case Studies

Financial and Demographic Analysis for Freedom, a Future Active-Adult Community
Build-to-Rent First Look Study in Chattanooga, TN
Project Opportunity Analysis for Rental Community in North Carolina

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Nobody wants to leave Texas. It’s fueling an economic boom.
Mortgage rate tipping point: Homeowners say roughly 5% is the magic number to move
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Housing expert offers up a way ‘to unleash’ supply to alleviate inventory woes
The shrinking American home: As demand rises, builders go smaller
Rising Insurance Costs Start to Hit Home Sales
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Mortgage rates remain above 7% for third week in a row


Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities of


The John Burns Real Estate Consulting staff congratulates the management teams behind the Top 50 master-planned communities, which sold at least 338 new homes per community during 2022. This threshold is the 4th highest in our 12-year survey history, trailing the record 460 sales required to make our 2021 ranking.

Historical Rankings


Top 50 Master-Planned Communities


Top 50 Master-Planned Communities


Top 50 Master-Planned Communities

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