US Demographics Insights and Strategies

US Demographics Insights and Strategies


Access current analysis and specific recommendations to navigate US demographic shifts and capture long-term opportunities.

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Demographic clarity for executives and decision makers

Unlock housing market insights with key demographic trends.

Current analysis covering the most important and timely demographic topics, with easy-to-digest and shareable visuals

Target opportunities with confidence.

Clear action items for home builders, developers, rental operators, building products companies, and investors based on underlying demographic demand

Plan beyond the current cycle.

High-signal, long-term demographic projections that help identify growth areas, forecast housing demand, plan production, set investment strategy, and more

We are enhancing our analysis with even more demographics insights.

What’s Included in This Report

The first reliable, one-stop source for demographics insight and forecasts for housing industry executives

All of our reports are delivered via email with a short summary, and are posted in our client portal for easy access. Every quarter, here’s what you can expect in the US Demographics Insights and Strategies Report:

Quarterly Insights on Demographic Trends Affecting the Housing Industry

Charts and analysis calling out the most important demographic influencers on housing, along with 50+ key demographic trends (including population, immigration, homeownership and rentership, household formation, generational shifts, and domestic migration), updated every quarter

Annual and 10-Year Forecasts of Key Demographic Variables

Clarity on long-term demographic trends and forces affecting the housing industry, including housing demand, labor supply, and more

Quarterly Demographic Takeaways and Action Items for Every Residential Sector

Specific strategic recommendations for every residential sector based on demographic insights

Receive accurate answers for these critical questions

What is the long-term demand outlook for for-sale and for-rent homes?

How are societal shifts (like aging baby boomers) impacting housing demand?

Which new home buyer groups are entering the market soon?

How will shifts in the US population affect the broader economy and labor availability? 

Where is US housing demand changing the most?

How should my company take advantage of demographic shifts?

Recent Insights on Demographics

There are four generations buying homes in the US today. Each has different priorities.
Demographics impact housing in a few massive foundational ways and a thousand small ways. Price, product, place—demographics help define them.
Surging immigration led to an unexpected increase in population, supporting housing demand (namely rentals), boosting the labor pool, and helping cool wage inflation.
In a time when demographic shifts are reshaping the housing market, John Burns Research and Consulting (JBREC) unveils a pioneering report.
We’ve identified three real-time shifts in domestic household migration by analyzing recent change-of-address forms.
Immigration will fuel the majority of US population growth in the next decade. This immigration-related growth will impact local housing markets around the country—especially in California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and the Northeast.

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Must be subscribed to one of our main research membership packages. Not available to New Home Trends Institute members.

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Big Shifts Ahead

Demographics determine the direction of your business. Demographic trends can be overwhelming, misleading, confusing, conflicting, and difficult to predict. Not anymore.

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