Housing’s Rising Leaders

Housing's Rising Leaders

We designed this program as a learning and networking opportunity for the industry’s next generation of leaders, and since its inception, it’s grown to be so much more than that.

A learning and networking opportunity for the industry's rising stars.

Surround yourself with the best minds in the industry. Join our exclusive monthly break-out groups and learn from other up-and-coming leaders within the housing sector.

We bring together all parts of the industry, including all the major players (from builders to architects to product manufacturers) to discuss all aspects of the home and works across the country.

An exclusive program available to JBREC clients only.

Gain insights from other members.

Members will learn from housing industry peers in a low-stress environment

9-month program: 1 hour per month video meeting with educational agenda / networking agenda

  • Bi-monthly group meetings: meet with assigned groups to include a round-robin “market update” section + relevant industry-related discussion.
  • Bi-monthly joint meetings (2 options offered): with a focus on “skill-building” i.e. how to forecast and “speaker-led” i.e. hearing from an industry expert.
  • PLUS, optional accountability peer mentor program available
We are no longer accepting applications for the 2024 Housing's Rising Leaders Program.

Who is eligible for Housing's Rising Leaders?

Must be an existing JBREC client

Individuals interested in networking and learning from industry peers.

Participants are expected to take an active role in each meeting; sharing industry insights, asking questions, etc.

Individuals with at least 3–15 years of experience.

What rising leaders say about the program

I have reached out to several folks from my group. It has led to several coffee chats along with one person interested in partnering on some research. As previously stated, the large group discussions/presentations are also quite valuable as I always extract a good bit of data from those calls.


The one-on-one meetings have been the most beneficial. My partner and I dive into specifics of our business and how macro trends are driving demand in our day-to-day decisions.


Hearing feedback from other leaders in the construction and design industries was so beneficial. I feel that I have previously tended to stay within my industry for updates. The selection of folks in the program was also very well done. They have been engaged and outgoing.


JBREC’s Housing’s Rising Leaders group has been an invaluable experience. I’ve particularly enjoyed learning about other industries under the larger umbrella of the housing industry. Regularly hearing from my group peers and what was happening in their parts of the country throughout 2020 was also extremely helpful to understand the larger picture on how the pandemic affected us nationally and globally.


Housing’s Rising Leaders has provided a uniquely well-designed format for networking and knowledge sharing with peers in the industry and learning from Senior Executives. Our group has developed a strong sense of community, particularly during the volatility over the past year, and I look forward to maintaining relationships with the group members going forward. Thanks to JBREC for launching this program!


Working at a building materials company, I gained clarity from builders on the boom of orders that were coming in 2020 before my organization felt the lift in addition to hearing how others managed the initial shutdowns. The group’s diversity within housing enabled me to better understand areas of the industry outside of my business and have clarity in how these areas interconnect. Finally, these meetings far exceeded any one-off networking event as I got to learn about the other participants over a long period of time providing a better connection.


As a young professional, the Housing’s Rising Leaders program addressed a need that I felt was lacking within the homebuilding industry—a platform to connect with similar “up-and-coming” peers across the nation in a meaningful way. The JBREC team challenged the group every meeting with relevant and thoughtful questions that effectively turned our time together into a present-day case studies of what we were living at that point in time.


John Burns is our primary resource for up-to-date industry trends and has proven their unique value as a trusted partner in evaluating growth opportunities. When we started looking to expand our geographic footprint, there was no question who we would engage with. Working with John and his team was a great decision for our company.

CEO, Public Homebuilder

Our first step on researching new BTR projects is to check John Burns market reports.  It is the “level-set” we need to assess whether or not the project is aspirational or grounded in real-time metrics.

Managing Director, Real Estate Investment Manager

John Burns has been a significant resource for our teams across the Southwest region, assessing new business and evaluating existing developments. Their market-specific knowledge has been a great value-add for our local teams!

Senior Managing Director, Real Estate Investment, Development, and Management Firm

John and his team of housing experts provide the best and most accurate information on all of our housing markets and their forecasts are invaluable in guiding our business plans and investments

Managing Director, Capital Provider and Investor for For-Sale Residential

We highly value our business relationship with the entire John Burns Research and Consulting team who is always hyper responsive, approachable, polished and proficient. We highly cherish our partnership with JBREC, the housing industry’s top real estate research firm.

Executive Director and Principal, Real Estate Investment and Brokerage for SFR/BTR

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