Single-Family Rental Analysis and Forecast

Single-Family Rental Analysis and Forecast


A quarterly state of the union report on the single-family rental industry, which includes relevant macro drivers, demand, supply, and affordability indicators, demographic trends, and key forecasts across the industry and top markets.

A comprehensive overview of the single-family rental market

Understand JBREC’s thesis around the single-family rental and build-to-rent industry.

Our state of the union report covers current and expected thoughtful analysis on the industry’s future.

Explore single-family new lease effective rent trends and forecasts.

JBREC covers 99 MSAs in the Single-Family Rental Package.

View JBREC’s four-year forecasts by MSA.

See our 4-year forecasts with our proprietary indices and major metrics that impact the housing market.

Track economic and macro drivers.

See their impact in the single-family rental and build-to-rent industry.

Monitor single-family rental institutional ownership by number of investor-owned homes by market.

Use this to understand investor appetite and large players in the space.

What’s Included in This Report

A deep dive into single-family rental

All of our reports are delivered via email with a short summary, and are posted in our client portal for easy access. Every quarter, here’s what you can expect in the Single-Family Rental Analysis and Forecast Report:

Burns Single-Family Rental Rent Index™

The Burns Single-Family Rent Index™ (BSFRI) measures single-family new lease effective rent growth, which represents the market median rental price for 3-bedroom homes.

Burns Home Value Index™

The Burns Home Value Index™ (BHVI) measures home value trends for all homes (new and resale), allowing us to report on and forecast price appreciation without the noise of shifts in the mix of homes selling, as well as other issues.

Burns Affordability Index™ and Burns Under/Overpriced Market Index™

The Burns Affordability Index™ (BAI) measures affordability compared to each market’s historical average, allowing for comparison across geographies and over time. The Burns Under/Overprice Market Index™ measures affordability based on the market’s long-term fundamentals. 

Single-Family Rental Institutional Ownership across Top Markets

Each month, we aggregate public records to create rollups of distribution portfolio size of investor-owned homes within each market (including top 5 operators/managers). This allows clients to understand the appetite and institutional single-family rental presence in each market.

Receive accurate answers for these critical questions

Which markets have had the most single-family new lease effective rent growth across the 99 SFR markets?

How much single-family new lease effective rent growth and home price appreciation in the 99 SFR markets should I expect over the next four years?

What are the top-emerging single-family rental markets based on market fundamentals?

What are the macro drivers for the single-family rental industry?

What are the macro drivers for the single-family rental industry?

Additional resources available in the Single-Family Rental Package

US Housing Analysis and Forecast Report

Our national housing thesis on all macro US issues impacting the housing market. Insights and analysis on economic growth and risks, consumer behavior and finances, mortgage underwriting and policy, first-time and investor buyer activity, and national demand and supply.

Single-Family Rental Survey


In partnership with the  National Rental Home Council (NRHC), this first-of-its-kind resource measures industry conditions for the professionally managed single-family rental industry. 

Single-Family Rental REIT Earnings Summary


A summary of key performance statistics and market insight reported from the publicly traded single-family rental REITs.

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