Rental Communities Analysis and Forecast

Rental Communities Analysis and Forecast


Gain a comprehensive overview of the apartment and build-to-rent (BTR) dynamics to inform your decisions today.

Quarterly insights on multifamily and build-to-rent communities

Every quarter, we provide a detailed look into the US apartment and build-to-rent industries, relevant macro drivers, outperforming/underperforming markets, for-sale housing market impact on rentals, and public-operator metrics.

Data from up to 50 metro areas identified as top rental community markets

Supply, demand, and affordability metrics that benefit industry participants

Most relevant data points in a simple, easy-to-read report

What’s Included in This Report

Understand rental community fundamentals

All of our reports are delivered via email with a short summary and posted in our client portal for easy access. Every quarter, here’s what you can expect in the Rental Communities Analysis and Forecast Report:

Burns Apartment Rent Index™

The Burns Apartment Rent Index estimates historical and current asking apartment rent trends in over 120 Markets. We use stabilized property level data from RealPage and aggregate up to the market level. Thus, this index mainly reflects institutionally owned apartments. These apartment rent forecasts are informed by demand (proxied by vacancy rates), affordability (relative to homeownership), and expected supply (multifamily permits).

Apartment REITs Earnings Summaries and Analysis

Every quarter, we track rent growth, turnover, occupancy, and NOI trends (and more!) based on how six REITs perform. We also summarize the earnings calls with high-level performance statistics.

Homeownership Premium

We measure the cost to own a home (mortgage payment + maintenance) less the average monthly rent in a market to illustrate the substantial premium homeowners pay vs. renters.

Burns Build-to-Rent Index™

We estimate historical and current build-to-rent (BTR) asking rent trends in over 40 markets, using a matched-plan approach for BTR communities that meet our vetting process and are stabilized (>90% occupancy). The index uses a sample of our current database and includes over 67.8K units.

Supply, Demand, and Occupancy

Our graphs and analysis reflecting supply, demand, and occupancy tell the story of top apartment and build-to-rent markets and help you understand what’s to come.

Burns Relative Cost of Dwelling – Apartments™

Our Burns Relative Cost of Dwelling – Apartments (BRCDA) was created to better analyze how much a market is underpriced or overpriced compared to the market’s own long-term apartment rent-to-income ratio. We attempt to account for other market fundamentals and any perceived permanent changes to a market’s demand and supply factors.

Receive accurate answers to these critical questions

What does the supply pipeline look like for apartments and build-to-rent?

What is the future outlook for the apartment and build-to-rent industry?

How will demographics play a role in future demand, and do demographics support rental communities?

Should I invest in the apartment and/or build-to-rent market?

What markets are outperforming?

Who are the largest players in the apartment and build-to-rent industries? Who plays in both?

Research Membership Packages

The Rental Communities Analysis and Forecast is currently only offered as a subscription add-on. You must be subscribed to one of the main subscription packages in order to subscribe to this report.

Metro and Regional Housing Package

This package provides a complete picture of housing supply, demand, and affordability through local insight, proprietary surveys, and extensive data analysis. We currently provide an overview of major housing and economic trends across 100 MSAs nationwide.

Single-Family Rental Package

This package provides a comprehensive overview of the single-family rental (SFR) industry’s major markets, including forecasts, SFR market rankings, macro drivers, housing supply, and demographic trends.

Building Products Package

This package provides current, in-depth insight into building products industry conditions in the country, including a forecast for residential new construction and repair and remodeling spend over the next four years.

Geographic Overview of the Public Home Builders Package

This package is designed for those who compare the publicly-traded builders to each other (including securities investors and the builders). Each month we rank each of the publicly traded home builders based on the recent, past, current, and forecasted future performance of their geographic footprint.

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