Real Estate Agent Survey

Real Estate Agent Survey


Our monthly survey of resale housing market conditions builds on relationships with top brokerages to capture insights on traffic, sales, and pricing, including multiple bids and cash purchases.

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This monthly survey drives the Burns Resale Housing Market Index

Monitor sales and pricing in the resale market, which sometimes moves in sync with the new home sector, but also competes with new home sales.

Compare regions and track resale performance by market, using regional graphs and our analysis.

Pinpoint emerging resale trends and track them over time. Candid agent feedback identifies shifting market dynamics, often before they appear in quantitative metrics.

Questions of the month reveal market conditions, such as buyer and seller behavior, days on market, and mortgage rate impacts on buyers’ purchase criteria.

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What’s Included in This Report

Receive insights from the resale housing market

All of our surveys are delivered via email with a short summary, and are posted in our client portal for easy access. Every month, here’s what you can expect in the Real Estate Agent Survey:

Burns Resale Housing Market Index

Three subindices generate the overarching Burns Resale Housing Market Index. They measure current and expected sales compared to seasonal norms as well as demand and supply conditions.

Current and Expected Resale Sales

Expected sales feedback reveals where the market is headed. Learn agents’ take on current sales versus seasonal norms and track their sentiment over time.

Resale Pricing Trends

Graphs and analysis identify trends in resale home prices, using a directional measure that is sensitive to changing market conditions, plus trends in multiple offers and cash purchases.

Demand/Supply Environment

The first-of-its-kind demand/supply index reflects agents’ observations of a balanced or unbalanced market, which may have excess supply or demand.

Questions of the Month

Real estate agents share the inside scoop on local market conditions including why their business is thriving or why it is not. Questions change monthly to answer today’s biggest queries, including buyer migration, days on market, price cuts, and all cash purchases.

Resale Agent Commentary

Agents dish on what’s working, what’s not, and what golden insight their buyer/seller client just confided in them. Be the first to learn about emerging trends, often before they appear in the data.

Receive accurate answers to these critical questions

Are current resale sales stronger or weaker than season norms in Chicago? Are agents expecting healthy sales over the next six months?

Is there more demand than supply in the resale market today and is the demand/supply environment shifting month over month?

What direction have resale home prices moved in the last month? Is Orange County at risk of significant price cuts?

What percentage of resale home purchase contracts received multiple offers in March? Are bidding wars on the rise or declining?

Are discretionary buyers and inventors (cash purchases) active in the resale market today?

What resale housing market trend hasn’t hit the data today but could impact my business tomorrow?

Included with all research memberships

Must be subscribed to one of our main research membership packages. Not available to New Home Trends Institute members.

Metro and Regional Housing Package

This package provides a complete picture of housing supply, demand, and affordability through local insight, proprietary surveys, and extensive data analysis. We currently provide an overview of major housing and economic trends across 100 MSAs nationwide.

Single-Family Rental Package


This package provides a comprehensive overview of the single-family rental (SFR) industry’s major markets, including forecasts, SFR market rankings, macro drivers, housing supply, and demographic trends.

Rental Communities Package


This package provides complete look into the multifamily sector, including apartments and dedicated build-to-rent communities. A deep dive into the sector’s major markets, including forecasts, rental market ratings, key fundamentals, economic drivers, demographics, and the impact of alternative housing sectors.

Building Products Package

This package provides current, in-depth insight into building products industry conditions in the country, including a forecast for residential new construction and repair and remodeling spend over the next four years.

Geographic Overview of the Public Home Builders Package

This package is designed for those who compare publicly-traded builders (including securities investors) to each other. Every month we rank each publicly-traded home builder based on the past, current, and forecasted performance of its geographic footprint.

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