Metro Analysis and Forecast

Metro Analysis and Forecast


Make informed housing investment decisions quickly. Access the most current and accurate information for major housing and economic conditions and forecasts at an MSA level.

Track where your market is headed

Monitor new home market conditions.

Access timely insight into market trends based on JBREC’s extensive builder outreach, field research, and local expertise.

View JBREC's four-year forecasts by MSA.

See a 4-year pricing forecast for the MSA with JBREC’s proprietary indices and major metrics that impact the housing market.

Target opportunities at the right time.

Get short-and long-term outlooks on the market’s fundamentals and JBREC’s current new home market ratings by MSA, for a quick pulse on the MSA’s health.

Track economic and macro drivers.

See how they impact your MSA.

What’s Included in This Report

Get an overview of housing and economic conditions at a MSA Level

All of our reports are delivered via email with a short summary, and are posted in our client portal for easy access. Every month, here’s what you can expect in the Metro Analysis and Forecast Report:

Burns Affordability Index™ and Burns Under/Overpriced Market Index™

The Burns Affordability Index™ (BAI) measures affordability compared to each market’s historical average, allowing for comparison across geographies and over time. The Burns Under/Overprice Market Index™ measures affordability based on the market’s long-term fundamentals.

Burns Affordability Index™

The Burns Home Value Index™ (BHVI) measures home value trends for all homes (new and resale), allowing us to report on and forecast price appreciation without the noise of shifts in the mix of homes selling, as well as other issues.

Burns Housing Cycle Risk Index™

The Burns Housing Cycle Risk Index™ (HCRI), measures the underlying market risk associated with market fundamentals (demand, supply, and affordability) and has proven to be a very good single metric for market risk.

Current New Home Market Conditions

Each month, JBREC rates current new home market conditions of specific MSAs based on our proprietary builder survey, local consultant feedback from market visits, analyst reviews of relevant data, and John Burns’ market expertise. This helps our clients understand sales and pricing indicators. 

Four-Year Forecasts

View JBREC’s four-year forecasts to measure future market sentiment. See a four-year pricing forecast for the MSA with our proprietary indices and major metrics that impact the housing market. 

Community Count Growth and Top Builders

Every quarter, JBREC visit public, large, and small builders’ websites to understand the new construction supply in the market. This helps clients view community count growth and see the top builders in each market. 

Receive accurate answers for these critical questions

How much home appreciation can I expect in this MSA over the next four years?

How many new jobs and permits are forecasted for this MSA over the next four years?

Are market fundamentals better or worse than they were a month or a year ago?

Which markets should I invest capital in?

What are the current new home sales and pricing conditions for this MSA?

What does resale supply look like in this MSA currently and over the next four years?

Additional resources available in the Metro and Regional Housing Package

US Housing Analysis and Forecast

Our national housing thesis on all macro US issues impacting the housing market. Insights and analysis on economic growth and risks, consumer behavior and finances, mortgage underwriting and policy, first-time and investor buyer activity, and national demand and supply. 

Home Builder Survey


A report used to quickly compare the publicly traded builders to each other based on their geographic footprint (community counts).

US Demographics Insights and Strategies


A reliable, one-stop source for demographics insights and forecasts for housing industry executives.

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