Building Products Industry Analysis and Forecast

Building Products Industry Analysis and Forecast


Access actionable analysis and accurate forecasts for building product sector trends, including industry drivers for both residential repair and remodeling spending and new home construction activity. 

Included in the Building Products Package

Track where the building products industry is headed

Understand market growth.

Drivers impacting national and regional residential new construction and repair and remodeling spending growth.

Optimize mix of product portfolio.

Volumetric market size data available across 18 major building products categories allows for portfolio risk analysis.

Target opportunities at the right time.

Get short- and long-term outlooks on the market’s fundamentals, including analysis on regional building products spending growth and trends in project size.

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Included with the Building Products Analysis and Forecast Report

Building Products Demand Meter

This industry-first data product tracks current and historical US residential installed product volumes (final demand) for major building product categories.

Members can access market sizes for 18 building product categories.

Track US residential installed product volume for 18 unique building product categories: lumber, concrete, drywall, paint, bathroom fixtures, lighting, and more.

Three-year forecast of levels and growth rates are available annually and quarterly.

History of changes in product volume back to 2000 for each building product category

Also available in standardized format, enabling easy comparisons of product installation volumes relative to each category’s historical range

Based on JBREC proprietary forecasts and extensive, industry-leading survey data from Home Innovation Research Labs.

In collaboration with

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Home Innovation Research Labs

Home Innovation Research Labs (formerly the NAHB Research Center) is a full-service research, testing, and consulting firm determined to improve the quality, durability, affordability, and environmental performance of single- and multifamily homes and home-building products.

What’s Included in This Report

Get the tools to drive your business forward

All of our reports are delivered via email with a short summary, and are posted in our client portal for easy access. Every quarter, here’s what you can expect in the Building Products Industry Analysis and Forecast Report:

Residential Repair and Remodeling Spending Forecast

Access our residential repair and remodel spending forecast for the next 3 years by project size and tenant type.

Residential New Construction Spending Forecast

See our new construction spending forecast for the next 3 years by project size and tenant type.

Quarterly Themes

Understand the key themes to watch for in the current quarter.

Building Products Demand Meter

Measures installed residential market volumes across 18 major building product categories back to 2000.

Material and Labor Costs

Understand directional shifts in rough and finished products.

Spending Drivers

Gain in-depth insight into new construction and repair and remodeling spending drivers.

Receive accurate answers for these critical questions

How much should residential repair and remodel spending grow over the next 4 years by project size and tenant type?

How much should residential new construction spending grow over the next 4 years by project size and tenant type?

What are the key themes in the building products industry I should be tracking closely this quarter?

What is the total repair and remodeling spending growth by quarter and project type (mini, small, large) for the existing year?

What assumptions should I use for housing starts, permits, and price appreciation as I do my business planning for the next four years?

Which regions of the country will have the strongest repair and remodeling activity over the next four years?

What building product categories saw the highest volume growth? What categories saw the lowest volume growth?

How can you weather market cycles by optimizing the building products you sell?

Additional reports available in the Building Products Package

Building Products Dealer Survey


This monthly survey of lumber and building material professionals provides timely data on business conditions in the industry.

Kitchen and Bath Market Survey


In partnership with the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), we survey hundreds of business executives to develop the industry’s index for kitchen and bath market health, supplemented by tremendous insight.

US Remodeler Survey


Created in collaboration with Qualified Remodeler magazine, the US Remodeler Index measures remodeler sentiment for current activities, future or near-term activities, as well as consumer demand or ‘hotness.’

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