Building Products Dealer Survey

Building Products Dealer Survey


Get timely data on business conditions in the industry with our monthly survey of lumber and building material professionals.

Included in the Building Products Package

Ground-level insights from independent building material suppliers

Evaluate inventory positions.

Access timely insight into building material dealers’ inventory positions by category.

Compare Pro and DIY traffic.

Sentiment analysis for Pro and DIY customer traffic in building material dealers’ yards or facilities.

Gauge overall demand.

Get building products order growth and growth by product category, including changes in building material orders MOM.

In collaboration with


National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA)

The National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA) is the recognized voice and resource of the Lumber and Building Material industry to federal legislators and regulatory agencies in Washington DC. NLBMDA provides its members the resources and education to comply with federal laws, codes and regulations. NLBMDA identifies challenges and growth opportunities to the industry and collaborates with its Federated Association Partners to develop solutions that require national implementation.

LBM Exec Logo

Executive Council on Construction Supply

The Executive Council on Construction Supply is a private think tank composed of leading independent construction suppliers throughout the U.S. and Canada, plus a select group of manufacturers, wholesalers, and service providers.

What’s Included in This Report

Timely data from lumber and building material professionals

All of our surveys are delivered via email with a short summary, and are posted in our client portal for easy access. Every month, here’s what you can expect in the Building Products Dealer Survey:

Building Material Order Growth

Compare year-over-year change in building materials orders by product category.

Building Material Inventory

Review building materials dealers’ inventory positions by product category.

Building Material Price

Access average year-over-year announced building material price increases by product category and expected full-year price increases.

Building Material Delays

Gain insight into what product categories are causing delays and how it’s impacting overall project schedules.

Supply Chain Intelligence

Identify supply chain bottlenecks and top concerns for building materials dealers.

Question of the Month

These varying questions provide insights on timely topics in the building materials industry.

Receive accurate answers for these critical questions

How much have building material prices changed over the last year?

What is the level of Pro remodeler and DIY customer traffic at building material dealers?

What major challenges/obstacles are building material dealers currently facing (supply chain bottlenecks, transportation, labor shortages, etc.)?

How are building material orders trending by product category and customer segment?

How much have building material orders grown/declined over the last several years?

How are cycle times trending on a year-over-year basis?

Additional reports available in the Building Products Package

Building Products Industry Analysis and Forecast


A report that offers actionable analysis and accurate forecasts for building product sector trends, including industry drivers for both residential repair and remodeling spending and new home construction activity.

Kitchen and Bath Market Survey


In partnership with the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), we survey hundreds of business executives to develop the industry’s index for kitchen and bath market health, supplemented by tremendous insight.

US Remodeler Survey


Created in collaboration with Qualified Remodeler magazine, the US Remodeler Index measures remodeler sentiment for current activities, future or near-term activities, as well as consumer demand or ‘hotness.’

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