Current Market Share and Reliable Forecasts through 2026

We partnered with Home Innovation Research Labs to produce what we believe is the best and most current data and forecast to help US building products companies size their market and track their growth rates relative to the addressable market.

Home Innovation Research Labs has been surveying home builders and households for decades. Their most recent detailed survey included responses from ~1,300 home builders who build ~32,000 homes per year, and ~75,000 households, more than half of whom had done a repair or remodel project in the last year.

The Building Products Demand Meter Forecasts measure installed residential market volumes across 18 major building product categories—from dimensional lumber and siding to HVAC and interior paint—through 2026.
Building Products Demand Meter Categories

We measure installed residential market volumes across 18 major building product categories.

Forecasts through 2026 are available to clients. Click on each product category to peek at our 2024 forecasts.

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Included with the Building Products Package

Building Products Demand Meter

This industry-first data product tracks current and historical US residential installed product volumes (final demand) for major building product categories.

Members can access market sizes for 18 building product categories.

Track US residential installed product volume for 18 unique building product categories: lumber, concrete, drywall, paint, bathroom fixtures, lighting, and more.

Three-year forecast of levels and growth rates available annually and quarterly.

History of changes in product volume back to 2000 for each building product category

Also available in standardized format, enabling easy comparisons of product installation volumes relative to each category’s historical range

Based on JBREC proprietary forecasts and extensive, industry-leading survey data from Home Innovation Research Labs

In collaboration with

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Home Innovation Research Labs

Home Innovation Research Labs (formerly the NAHB Research Center) is a full-service research, testing, and consulting firm determined to improve the quality, durability, affordability, and environmental performance of single- and multifamily homes and home-building products.

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Building Products Package

This package provides current, in-depth insight into building products industry conditions across the country, including a forecast for residential new construction and repair and remodeling spend over the next four years.


What’s included?

Recent Insights

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What clients say about us

We are very active investors in building products companies and highly value JBREC for their insights and custom studies of specific building product segments in support of our deals. They are critical sources of information in helping us understand the latest housing market trends and outlook for our areas of investment.

Senior Principal, Large-Cap Private Equity Firm

For the past 5 years, the team at John Burns Research and Consulting has been a valued partner, providing us with vital research and market trend information that has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve

CFO, Water Management Solutions

JBREC’s monthly and quarterly reports provide the foresight we need to navigate ambiguous business conditions and adequately prepare for industry downturns or periods of rapid growth.

Senior Analyst, Building Products Manufacturer

Recent surveys and custom research provided by both the New Home Trends Institute and JBREC have provided valuable insight into consumer preferences in a post-pandemic environment. Guidance from their discussions, presentations, and monthly webinars have given us valuable context and help to keep us level-headed in a rapidly changing landscape. We’re grateful to have them as a resource every step of the way.

Vice President, Strategic Operations, Public Homebuilder

John Burns Research and Consulting continues to raise the bar as a trusted source of US housing analysis and has proven time and time again to be an invaluable partner when navigating new opportunities.

US President, Privately-Held Developer and Homebuilder

The John Burns Research Team truly looks at the market from each angle to provide us with timely and in-depth information. It’s invaluable!

Senior Executive, Public Homebuilder

We have leveraged JBREC substantially for a multitude of resources throughout the last 15 years. Their macro-level research has influenced our decisions at all levels of the business.

Vice President, Strategic Operations, Public Homebuilder

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