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Current Market Share and Reliable Forecasts through 2026

We partnered with Home Innovation Research Labs to produce what we believe is the best and most current data and forecast to help US building products companies size their market and track their growth rates relative to the addressable market.

Home Innovation Research Labs has been surveying home builders and households for decades. Their most recent detailed survey included responses from ~1,300 home builders who build ~32,000 homes per year, and ~75,000 households, more than half of whom had done a repair or remodel project in the last year.

The Building Products Demand Meter Forecasts measure installed residential market volumes across 18 major building product categories—from dimensional lumber and siding to HVAC and interior paint—through 2026.

Updated January 2024

Plumbing Fixtures

US residential plumbing fixture demand is projected to rise from 43.48 million units installed in 2023 to 43.92 million units installed in 2024, an increase of +1.0% by volume. 

Plumbing Fixtures: 2024 Projected Residential End Market Shares

New Construction


Repair and Remodel


Sources: John Burns Research and Consulting, LLC; Home Innovation Research Labs

Building Products Demand Meter Forecast: Plumbing Fixtures uses JBREC’s proprietary market research to help you understand both market changes and total installed volume on an annual and quarterly basis. Clients can access data on plumbing fixture repair and remodels, additions, and replacements to existing homes, as well as plumbing fixture demand for new residential construction (includes both single-family and multifamily).


Quarterly Unit Installed Volumes are available for New Construction and Repair and Remodel end market exposures. Please talk to our building products consulting team for custom regional and material breakouts.

Materials Covered

Includes lavatory sinks, kitchen sinks, bar sinks, laundry tubs/sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls, toilets, and bidets (except in 2001–2003, when bar sinks, laundry tubs/sinks, and bidets are excluded)

Updated January 2024

Current Conditions

  • We expect annualized 1Q24 volumes to be 43.35 million units (-2.0% YOY). The plumbing fixtures category covers sinks, tubs, shower stalls, toilets, and bidets (and excludes faucets).
  • Stronger year-over-year housing starts at the end of 2023 and into early 2024 will drive delayed demand for plumbing fixtures in new construction, as these products are installed more toward the middle of the construction process.
  • Weakness in bigger-ticket remodeling projects is leading to softer demand as consumers are undertaking fewer large remodeling projects due to interest-rate sensitivity.
  • Our quarterly Kitchen and Bath Market Survey, in partnership with the National Kitchen and Bath Association, has shown slight excess inventory due to slower market demand.

Demand Outlook

  • 43.92 million units installed in 2024 (+1.0% YOY)
  • We expect 2024 single-family housing starts to increase, driving demand for plumbing fixtures. Offsetting this is significant contraction in multifamily new construction. We expect multifamily new construction to contract by double digits in 2024 due to completed multifamily units outpacing demand and a higher cost of capital to fund multifamily projects.
  • Rate buydowns and quick-move-in homes supported 2023 new home sales, according to our monthly Builder Survey. The subsequent push to find replacement communities has primed production builders for growth.
  • Plumbing fixtures are small-ticket items, often part of a large remodel, and thus offer stability as consumers become more price sensitive. They are also attached to big-ticket remodels that will benefit disproportionately from the easing of financing costs.
  • We expect an increase in year-over-year installed R&R volumes in 2H24 due to lower HELOC rates, a potential increase in refi activity, and homeowners undertaking more bigger-ticket kitchen and bath remodeling projects.
Forecasts through 2026 are available exclusively to building products research members. Click here to learn more.

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Home Innovation Research Labs

Home Innovation Research Labs (formerly the NAHB Research Center) is a full-service research, testing, and consulting firm determined to improve the quality, durability, affordability, and environmental performance of single- and multifamily homes and home-building products.

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