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YouTube plus Demographic Shifts Giving Rise to DIY Surge

January 9, 2017

The coming wave of young households, coupled with their propensity to use YouTube to learn skills, will create a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) surge beginning next year. DIY remodeling will grow faster than professional contractor remodeling in 2018–2025, reversing a 20-year trend. Younger households (under 35) are 48% more likely to do a DIY project than their older peers.

We recently surveyed 3,000 households regarding YouTube’s impact on whether or not they choose to DIY rather than hire a professional for home improvement projects. Here is what they told us (by decade born):

This shift matters significantly to building products companies because professional contractors buy different products through different channels than DIY installers. Big box retailers such as Home Depot and Lowes (the most subscribed retailer on YouTube) should benefit.

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