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To Sell or to Rent? That Is the Question

Headshot Final__Ken Perlman

Ken Perlman

Lesley Deutch

January 15, 2021

The two brightest spots in the residential space today are for-sale housing and the single-family rental market. And because both sectors are so strong, our clients are consistently asking: “What’s the best option for my project?” We are monitoring both sectors closely, with the key metrics our research team tracks daily and through the hundreds of project-specific feasibility assignments our national consulting team conducts each month.

While each project is different, there are some key guidelines we consider when analyzing any development opportunity. Our demographic, consumer, real estate, and economic trends suggest the following for a suburban development:

Our guidelines can get you started toward making the for-sale or for-rent decision. If you want an independent analysis backed by research and experience, please fill out this form

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About The Author

Ken Perlman
Managing Principal, Consulting
Ken works with real estate executives to help them make appropriate strategic decisions regarding their residential communities, including for-sale and rental of all types. He has a particular specialty in large-scale master-planned communities.
Lesley Deutch
Managing Principal
Lesley has more than 25 years of experience consulting with executives in the finance and real estate industries throughout North America. She works across a wide spectrum of industries including apartments, for-sale housing, high-rise development, urban projects, single-family rental, building products, and commercial developments.

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Research Membership

Our research services enable our clients to gauge housing market conditions and better align their business and strategic investments in the housing industry. We provide a thoughtful and unique holistic approach of both quantitative and qualitative analysis to help clients make informed housing investment decisions.

Single-Family Rental Package

A comprehensive overview of the single-family rental industry’s major markets including forecasts, SFR market rankings, macro drivers, housing supply, demographic trends, and a look at Build-for-Rent.

Real Estate Consulting

Our experienced team of consultants helps clients make sound housing investment decisions. We thrive on their success and work with many clients over multiple years and numerous projects.

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