Six Florida Housing Trends

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Lesley Deutch

June 14, 2019

From Miami to Jacksonville to Pensacola, here are some exciting trends we are helping our clients implement in 2019:

  1. Design diversification. The demographic landscape is changing, and we are seeing new product configurations, architecture, and unit mix to appeal to a new target buyer.
    • Watch for: More one-car garage towns (for affordability) and age-targeted rental communities

  2. Disruptive innovation. We have met with all types of industry disruptors from Opendoor to Designblendz. These companies are rapidly changing the real estate industry, and no one wants to be left behind.
    • Watch for: One-click home buying and virtual option design

  3. Change in amenities. Amenities are more customized than ever and are focused on the new buyers.
    • Watch for: Instagrammable gathering spaces, wine tasting rooms, and bike repair shops

  4. Newly built single-family rental homes. After expanding in Phoenix and Texas, the single-family build-to-rent (BTR) industry is about to descend on Florida.
    • Watch for: Existing companies (American Homes 4 Rent, BB Living) as well as newly formed companies flourishing

  5. Grandkids are the best amenities. Demand for active adult living is high, and many retirees want to live near their children.
    • Watch for: Active adult enclaves within or nearby family-oriented masterplans

  6. Surban™ growth. From young to old, home buyers are looking for locations with walkability but do not want to live in a cramped urban environment.
    • Watch for: Luxury suburban townhomes and small single-family detached homes in walking distance to a restaurant or coffee shop will command price premiums.

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Lesley Deutch photo
Lesley Deutch
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Lesley has more than 25 years of experience consulting with executives in the finance and real estate industries throughout North America. She works across a wide spectrum of industries including apartments, for-sale housing, high-rise development, urban projects, single-family rental, building products, and commercial developments.

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