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Revolutionizing Housing Market Analysis: John Burns Research and Consulting Launches First-of-Kind US Demographics Report

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March 27, 2024

In a time when demographic shifts are reshaping the housing market, John Burns Research and Consulting (JBREC) unveils a pioneering report. The Burns US Demographics Insights and Strategies report empowers the housing industry with critical insights into demographic trends reshaping the US residential landscape, paving the way for strategic, informed decision-making.

“Demographic data has always been conflicting, hard to use, or too broad to be useful,” says Chris Porter, Chief Demographer at John Burns Research and Consulting. “As a result, companies plan based on incomplete, imprecise, and outdated demographic information. That’s why we decided to bring more demographic clarity to executives and decision-makers.”

Key themes explored in the inaugural edition of the Burns US Demographics Insights and Strategies report include:

  • Government projections underestimate immigration. Multiple data sources suggest a surge in overall population growth due to increased immigration, which is boosting employment, helping moderate inflation, and having an impact on demand for certain types of housing.
  • The US birth rate, while slower than in recent history, is set to grow faster than all other economic superpowers over the next decade, due in part to the expected increase in immigration.
  • US residents born before 1970 now control $107 trillion in wealth, and they are using it to buy homes, remodel homes, and help their adult children buy and rent.

For the first time ever, analysis of the following demographic data is available in one place:

  • Recommendations by residential sector
  • Demographic demand for housing (for sale and for rent)
  • Population growth and forecasts
  • Immigration and migration patterns
  • Consumer lifestyle and financial metrics

Key features of the Burns US Demographics Insights and Strategies report:

  • Quarterly updates: The report ensures that decision-makers are always ahead of the curve, ready to capitalize on emerging trends and mitigate potential risks associated with demographic shifts.
  • Executive-level insights: The report dives into demographic trends and gives action items for builders, developers, rental operators, building products companies, and associated investors.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Cutting through the noise, the report provides members with the most critical national demographics analysis and forecasts, brought to life with easy-to-digest and sharable visuals.

Exclusive access for JBREC research members

Access to the Burns US Demographics Insights and Strategies report is an exclusive benefit of all members who subscribe to JBREC research packages. Faced with questions on how demographic shifts influence housing demand and population dynamics, research members can tap into the insights offered in the Burns US Demographics Insights and Strategies report to make informed decisions.

To learn about becoming a research member and receiving the Burns US Demographics Insights and Strategies report, fill out our website form or contact our Client Relations team at

Click here for the official press release.

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John Burns Research and Consulting is a leading provider of research and consulting services for the US housing industry. With over 20 years of experience, the company provides in-depth research and analysis on trends, market conditions, and consumer preferences across four major areas: residential for sale, residential for rent, building products, and consumer and design trends.

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About The Author

Eric Finnigan photo
Eric Finnigan
Vice President of Demographics Research
Eric co-leads demographics research at JBREC, helping clients understand how trends in population, households, and migration impact housing demand. He also oversees the US Remodeler Index, a quarterly survey covering the residential remodeling industry.
Chris Porter photo
Chris Porter
Senior Vice President, Chief Demographer
Chris brings clarity to JBREC’s clients on demographic trends and translates their impact on local housing markets. He also analyzes and compares local housing market metrics in JBREC’s Metro Analysis and Forecast and Regional Analysis and Forecast monthly reports.

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