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Matt Saunders

Elizabeth LaJeunesse

December 20, 2023

“Unprecedented” has become a cliché in the post-pandemic world. Yet, experts disagree on whether business executives should plan for a strong or weak 2024. Professional forecasters are split on a potential recession in the next year, partly due to sectoral differences in the economy.

Our unique approach

What sets us apart from the noisy sea of voices making predictions about housing and building product trends? We partner with industry leaders to produce real-time insights on what’s happening in the industry. These insights come from those with skin in the game: firms and individuals across the housing value chain who build, hire, invest, plan, and shape the housing landscape of tomorrow.

Some housing industry sectors are doing quite well, while others are not. We summarize this below, using insight from those with skin in the game.

New partnerships, new insights

This year, we have added many partnerships, including a major collaboration with Home Innovation Research Labs, a National Association of Home Builders subsidiary. Their extensive database of surveys over the last two decades has enabled us to model building material demand by type of material and estimate current and projected demand based on the criteria that matter most for each material. This has added significant firepower to our analysis.

We now have 14 regularly occurring surveys, a significant number of one-time surveys conducted by our New Home Trends Institute subsidiary, and daily intelligence from our consultants around the country.

Here is a summary of what 10 of our surveys are telling about current and future market conditions:

In partnership with Residential Design

In partnership with Qualified Remodeler

In partnership with the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association and the Executive Council on Construction Supply

In partnership with Window + Door Magazine

We’re excited to lead the way in providing deeper insights into the industry in 2024 and beyond with our partners. This article was just a snippet of what we offer. Contact us to learn more about all our proprietary surveys.  

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About The Author

Matt Saunders photo
Matt Saunders
Senior Vice President of Building Products Research
Matt leads JBREC’s building products research practice, which includes overseeing our research reports, our macro building products thesis and forecasts for both repair and remodeling and new construction.
Elizabeth LaJeunesse
Senior Manager, Building Products Research
Elizabeth is responsible for participating in the preparation of consulting assignments and research projects related to Building Products, including compilation and analysis of market data, preparation of market reports, and custom survey development.

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