National Housing Market Outlook

22 Opportunities for 2022

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John Burns

January 25, 2022

Our team members from across the world share opportunities for 2022. They are divided into the following trend groups:

  • Societal
  • Migration
  • Technology
  • Building Cost
  • Affordability Solutions
  • Land Development

Societal Trends

1. Maegan Sherlock – Consumers will spend on environmentally, ethically, philanthropically, AND economically responsible brands.

2. Anja Seng – Place emphasis on supporting local businesses.

3. Jeff Brazel – Integrate tools that bring like-minded individuals together.

Migration Trends

4. Eric Finnigan – Expect more migration winners and losers.

5. Scott Wild – Relocators are seeking value.

5a. Annie Radecki  Her experience moving to New Zealand during the pandemic.

6. Bryan Lawrence – Continued consumer and investor single-family rental demand

7. Christi Lagasse – More permission to work from home

7a. Rob Flint – WFH flexibility allowed him to move to England.

8. Reid Randall – Renters are relocating for affordability.

Technology Trends

9. Jeff Kottmeier – Provide virtual customer service.

10. James Penner – Smart home should focus on security and savings.

11. Allie Martin – More hidden technology

Building Cost Trends

12. Matt Saunders – Increased big project remodeling demand set to make materials even more expensive.

13. Matt Klinger – Huge shifts in market share caused by greater than expected new home material demand.

Affordability Solution Trends

14. Kaylin Czajkowski – Place infill townhomes where there is less competition.

15. Stephannie Zarate – Add coliving spaces.

16. Kristin Matthews – Expect more accessory dwelling units for rental income.

Land Development Trends

17. Barry Cox – More land sale income earlier in the land development cycle

18. Matt Billingsley – Prepare for high density zoning.

19. Dustin Moudy – Educate city officials on build for rent quality, maintenance, and tenant profiles.

20. Chris Dorociak – Master plans should focus on environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

21. Chad Hensley – Place highly amenitized communities on the outskirts.

22. Dean Wehrli – Provide walkability in the suburbs and exurbs.

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