Jody Kahn

Senior Vice President of Research Surveys


Reach out to Jody if you have questions about recent trends in new and resale housing, single-family rentals, residential land, and master-planned communities, including differences across metros, regions, and buyer segments.

Jody delivers timely and accurate insights on housing market trends at the metro, regional, and national levels. She combines statistics and commentary from JBREC’s independent surveys with data trends, forecasts, proprietary indices, feedback from consultants, and decades of housing experience to give clients insights that support business decisions.

Past Experience

  • Vice President for MPKA
  • Loan Analyst for a pension fund advisor
  • Director of Information Services for a Houston-based publisher of real estate reports


  • BS in Economics and substantially completed an MBA from the University of Houston

Fun fact

Jody grew up playing games with her family, particularly backgammon, as well as MasterMind, parcheesi, cribbage, cards, etc. Her generation taught their kids to play, ensuring decades of future family backgammon challenges.