Cynthia Tessin

Senior Manager, Quality Control – Consulting


Reach out to Cynthia if you seek guidance in deciphering and effectively leveraging our consulting reports to make informed and impactful strategic business decisions.

Cynthia is entrusted with the crucial task of meticulously peer reviewing JBREC’s consulting reports, ensuring their comprehensive quality before client dissemination, and she also plays a pivotal role in delivering insightful feedback and training to our consultants.

Past Experience

  • President and CFO with Somers West Development
  • Senior Vice President – Finance and Accounting with Rancho Mission Viejo


  • B.S. in Accounting – California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • Certified Public Accountant

Fun fact

Cynthia embarked on a three-month expedition across the United States in an adventure van. Her journey included hikes and explorations in national and state parks, visits to intriguing cities, and, most significantly, cherished moments spent reconnecting with family and friends.