Avery Blackman

Research Analyst II, Surveys


Reach out to Avery if you have questions regarding JBREC’s reports, including (but not limited to) SFR, SFR REIT, RAF, SFR Market Index, Real Estate Agent Survey, or Land Survey.

Avery supports JBREC’s monthly and quarterly report updates, as well as a few JBREC surveys. She analyzes our proprietary surveys, including Real Estate Agent Survey, Land Survey, Fix-and-Flip Survey, Builder Survey, and the Single-Family Rental Survey.

Past Experience

  • Senior Billing Consultant at Advekit
  • Sales at Mindbody


  • BS in Applied Mathematics, and Minor in Statistics from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Fun fact

Avery has had her motorcycle license since she was 18 and drives a coffee-colored Vespa in her free time. Sometimes she even rides it to work!