Consumer and Design Trends

Increase your bottom line with exclusive insight into shifting consumer and home design trends from the perspectives of homeowners, renters and professionals.


We help our clients make the most informed and confident decisions possible.


Stay informed on the latest research-driven findings on consumer behavior and housing pain points, straight from consumers’ mouths.


Get inspired by community design and amenity trends from master plans across the country.


Understand market composition in a shifting design landscape and leverage curated floor plan inspiration, backed by consumer research.

Interior Designers

Find inspiration for new home features and projects in our DesignLens database, and get ahead of coming design trends.

Building Products Companies

Stay ahead of the future of home design with our Annual Survey of Architecture (in partnership with Pro Builder) and reports, tracking shifts in floor plans, outdoor space usage, and style.

Single-Family Rental and Build-to-Rent Operators

Keep a pulse on rapidly shifting rental home design standards and renter preferences, plus find inspiration for amenity and community design, as well as home features.

How We Help

Get timely, reliable, and actionable insights

Our experienced team of analysts and consultants helps our clients identify the best risk-adjusted investment opportunities.


Access data-driven insight into housing preferences and pain points from proprietary surveys of consumers, builders, developers, architects, and designers.


Get inspired with DesignLens™, a searchable database of new homes and communities, curated, analyzed, and available at your fingertips


Tune in to quarterly webinars featuring industry experts that explore ideas impacting the housing industry, plus access to JBREC’s monthly housing market webinar.


Bring our team into yours with customized partnership plans, including report deep dives, design research for curated project inspiration, design charrettes, and custom consumer research presentations.


Learn from industry veterans in application-only councils, which bring together leaders in Consumer Trends, Home Design Trends, Master Plan Trends, and Rental Trends for idea-sparking discussions twice a year.


Learn, network, and collaborate at the New Home Trends Summit, our annual event that brings together the best market researchers and creative thinkers in the country.

Recommended Research & Consulting

Research Membership

New Home Trends Institute Membership


Backed by deep-dive research at JBREC and supported by our experts across the nation, the New Home Trends Institute pairs design inspiration with exclusive insights into the “why” behind consumers’ housing choices.

included in this Membership

Consulting Services

Real Estate Consulting

Home Building, Master Plans, Apartments, Single-Family Rental, Build-to-Rent

Our team of consumer and design researchers provides custom advisory services to help your team better understand industry trends, home design, and your target consumer.


Building Products Consulting

New Home Construction, Repair and Remodeling

Our team can provide custom analysis of home design trends and advisory services leveraging consumers and industry professional insights.


Big Shifts Ahead

Make sense of overwhelming demographic trends to determine the strategic direction of your business.


Meet our team

What our clients say about us

Recent surveys and custom research provided by both the New Home Trends Institute and JBREC have provided valuable insight into consumer preferences in a post-pandemic environment. Guidance from their discussions, presentations, and monthly webinars have given us valuable context and help to keep us level-headed in a rapidly changing landscape. We’re grateful to have them as a resource every step of the way.

Vice President, Strategic Operations, Public Homebuilder

The NHTI highlights relevant trends and provides insights into best-in-class master-planned communities. I appreciate the candor of the NHTI members to share their wins and even more importantly their challenges.

Senior Vice President of Design, Masterplan Developer

Our team are huge fans of the content and analysis provided by the New Home Trends Institute (NHTI). Their monthly tours and insights into various models/communities across the country, ensures our team is knowledgeable of trends anywhere, not just locally. The passion from the NHTI execs to deliver top notch experts and information to the members is second to none in the industry!

CEO, Interior Design Firm

The New Home Trends Institute has created a forum with some of the best, most exciting master planned developers in the country, all bringing their A-Game to group conversations. The honest exchange of ideas has created a real sense of trust among the members— and the feeling that you can call another member of the group to talk over an idea or an issue.

Marketing Director, Masterplan Developer

NHTI provides our designers with the latest trends and reports that help us stay ahead of the market. In addition to their monthly reports, they have several resources that keep our staff exposed to shifts in the industry. Participating in their councils has exposed our team to builders and consultants across the country offering us well-rounded insight.

VP, Marketing, Architecture Firm

More than a research firm they are a research partner comprised of talented professionals who are accessible, highly responsive and incredibly accurate in their analysis and forecasts. Hard to imagine doing business without them!

Director, Architecture Firm

John Burns is our primary resource for up-to-date industry trends and has proven their unique value as a trusted partner in evaluating growth opportunities. When we started looking to expand our geographic footprint, there was no question who we would engage with. Working with John and his team was a great decision for our company.

CEO, Public Homebuilder

Our first step on researching new BTR projects is to check John Burns market reports.  It is the “level-set” we need to assess whether or not the project is aspirational or grounded in real-time metrics.

Managing Director, Real Estate Investment Manager

John Burns has been a significant resource for our teams across the Southwest region, assessing new business and evaluating existing developments. Their market-specific knowledge has been a great value-add for our local teams!

Senior Managing Director, Real Estate Investment, Development, and Management Firm

John and his team of housing experts provide the best and most accurate information on all of our housing markets and their forecasts are invaluable in guiding our business plans and investments

Managing Director, Capital Provider and Investor for For-Sale Residential

We highly value our business relationship with the entire John Burns Research and Consulting team who is always hyper responsive, approachable, polished and proficient. We highly cherish our partnership with JBREC, the housing industry’s top real estate research firm.

Executive Director and Principal, Real Estate Investment and Brokerage for SFR/BTR

The JBREC reports, data and forecasts are a critical component to our decision making process as you are only as good as the information you rely on. JBREC are the foremost experts in our growing asset class and we are grateful for their long time support and pursuit of better information to serve the broader real estate market.

President and COO, BTR Operator and Developer

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