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Custom Building Products Consulting Services

Our team is comprised of industry experts with diverse sector and functional experience. We partner with organizations to provide custom consulting reports that aid organic and inorganic investment decisions, strategic planning, and marketing.


Our team leverages industry expertise and deep network of industry partners to give players across the value chain actionable recommendations.

Structural Building Materials

Based on our relationships with homebuilders and dealer/distributor networks, we can estimate demand for structural elements used in new construction and major remodels.

Interior Fixtures

We can size demand for specific features within new construction and repair and remodel markets based on insights gathered as part of our ongoing study of consumer trends.

Transitional Energy Devices

We can quantify adoption potential based on economic benefits and regional regulatory incentives.

Prefab Construction Technologies

Our familiarity with prefab construction technologies helps us identify factors that impact adoption and markets where they are likely to gain share of new construction.

Commercial Construction Components

We can identify trends within commercial construction that help/hinder growth of specific commercial construction components.

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Building Products Consulting Capabilities

Strategic Advisory

We will analyze and explain the most relevant dynamics of geographic markets, channels, or product segments.

Deals Support (Pre-IPO, M&A, etc.)

We will examine businesses to highlight their inherent strengths and weaknesses and validate management growth projections. We will size underlying markets, identify market forces at work and the extent to which they could grow/shrink markets.

Custom Surveys

Our ability to design and field custom surveys and our extensive network of industry partners will provide insights specific to products and market segments.

Product Innovation Studies

We leverage our vast network of homebuilder relationships to study trends in construction technologies and their relative shares within construction. Our insights help building products manufacturers make R&D investment decisions.

Case Studies

Study on Adoption of Industrialized Construction Technologies (including Prefab) in New Home Construction
Buy-Side Due Diligence of an Energy Device Installation Company
Study on Adoption of Industrialized Construction Technologies (including Prefab) in New Home Construction
Buy-Side Due Diligence of an Energy Device Installation Company

Integrity Research Compliance Accreditation

We demonstrate each of the Key Compliance Controls as defined in best practices for industry consulting firms, as well as a majority of overall best practices for political intelligence firms.

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What clients say about us

We are very active investors in building products companies and highly value JBREC for their insights and custom studies of specific building product segments in support of our deals. They are critical sources of information in helping us understand the latest housing market trends and outlook for our areas of investment.

Senior Principal, Large-Cap Private Equity Firm

For the past 5 years, the team at John Burns Research and Consulting has been a valued partner, providing us with vital research and market trend information that has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve

CFO, Water Management Solutions

JBREC’s monthly and quarterly reports provide the foresight we need to navigate ambiguous business conditions and adequately prepare for industry downturns or periods of rapid growth.

Senior Analyst, Building Products Manufacturer

John Burns is our primary resource for up-to-date industry trends and has proven their unique value as a trusted partner in evaluating growth opportunities. When we started looking to expand our geographic footprint, there was no question who we would engage with. Working with John and his team was a great decision for our company.

CEO, Public Home Builder

Our first step on researching new BTR projects is to check John Burns market reports.  It is the “level-set” we need to assess whether or not the project is aspirational or grounded in real-time metrics.

Managing Director, Real Estate Investment Manager

John Burns has been a significant resource for our teams across the Southwest region, assessing new business and evaluating existing developments. Their market-specific knowledge has been a great value-add for our local teams!

Senior Managing Director, Real Estate Investment, Development, and Management Firm

John and his team of housing experts provide the best and most accurate information on all of our housing markets and their forecasts are invaluable in guiding our business plans and investments

Managing Director, Capital Provider and Investor for For-Sale Residential

We highly value our business relationship with the entire John Burns Research and Consulting team who is always hyper responsive, approachable, polished and proficient. We highly cherish our partnership with JBREC, the housing industry’s top real estate research firm.

Executive Director and Principal, Real Estate Investment and Brokerage for SFR/BTR

The JBREC reports, data and forecasts are a critical component to our decision making process as you are only as good as the information you rely on. JBREC are the foremost experts in our growing asset class and we are grateful for their long time support and pursuit of better information to serve the broader real estate market.

President and COO, BTR Operator and Developer

John Burns’ research is consistently comprehensive and thoughtful providing valuable insight into current and future market conditions. John Burns’ research and data is unmatched in quality and timeliness and is invaluable to successful execution in today’s residential real estate market.

Co-Founder and CEO, SFR/BTR Operator

John Burns Research and Consulting consistently provides our executive team invaluable research and insight strategies to successfully navigate the market on a consistent basis.

President and COO, Public Home Builder

We have been using and working with the JBREC group since the early days, dating all the way back to 2014. They have been a phenomenal resource in providing market intelligence before the rest of the world caught on to what we were up to. Today, they continue to be a beacon and leader nationally.

CEO, BTR Operator

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