Senior Management

Senior Management

David Jarvis photo
Reach out to David if you want to know where we are in the economic and housing market cycles, and how best to position your team to create and maintain a strategic advantage to your competitors.

David Jarvis

Dean Wehrli
Reach out to Dean if you want help understanding Western housing markets, particularly California, Nevada, Utah, and Idaho.

Dean Wehrli

Devyn Bachman photo
Reach out to Devyn if you have questions about the JBREC team or want to become a strategic partner.

Devyn Bachman

Chief Operating Officer
Research, Consulting, Operations
Don Walker Headshot
Reach out to Don if you would like to discuss strategies related to build-to-rent, land valuations, M&A, builder valuations, and distressed real estate/work-out options for projects around the country.

Don Walker

Managing Principal
Erik Franks photo
Reach out to Erik if you have questions regarding Burns Interactive Dashboards or have a suggestion for improvement.

Erik Franks

Senior Vice President of Technology
John Burns photo
Reach out to John if you need help navigating and understanding US housing markets.

John Burns

Chief Executive Officer
Research, Operations
Ken Perlman Headshot
Reach out to Ken if you have any questions regarding large scale master-planned communities.

Ken Perlman

Managing Principal
Kristen Angle photo
Reach out to Kristen if you have questions about becoming a JBREC Research or Consulting client, or if you are a current client who would like to make the most of your JBREC access.

Kristen Angle

Senior Vice President of Client Relations
Lesley Deutch photo
Reach out to Lesley if you would like assistance with strategic decision-making in the real estate sector, especially in the Southeast and Florida.

Lesley Deutch

Managing Principal
Mikaela Arroyo photo
Reach out to Mikaela if you have questions about the trends and preferences shaping home and community design.

Mikaela Arroyo

Vice President, NHTI | Chief of Staff
Research, Operations, New Home Trends Institute
Rick Palacios Jr photo
Reach out to Rick if you have questions about the broader housing industry (for sale/rent) market conditions and outlook, as well as the macroeconomy.

Rick Palacios Jr

Managing Principal, Director of Research

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