We foster personal and professional growth, allowing PALS to thrive at JBREC and beyond. We strive to create a culture where all PALS feel understood, empowered, and valued.

Core Values

At JBREC, we make it a priority to attract and retain PALS: the most Passionate, Articulate, Likable, and Smart team members.

Our team delivers:

the most honest, valued, clear, and timely solutions in the industry

a dynamic culture that pays fairly, allows diverse individuals to grow while achieving their negotiated work / personal life balance, and provides the opportunity to work with PALS:


Curious, energetic people who embrace our high standards for excellence, overcome obstacles, recruit and grow others, pursue innovation, thrive on continuous improvement, measure and improve results, and take pride in helping our clients succeed


Empathetic listeners who base opinions on facts and communicate clearly, concisely, and compassionately


Self-aware, humble, and kind players who put the JBREC team’s success over individual success; they make work enjoyable because they hold themselves and others accountable for being reliable, trustworthy, inclusive, and respectful of others’ time


Insightful, observant, second-level thinkers who challenge prevailing beliefs, take pragmatic risks, and regularly convert complexity into precise, logical, forward-thinking recommendations and solutions

Our culture in action

We put a lot of time and effort into creating a great culture that works well for us. We have a Vice President of People Development and Culture who oversees our training and proprietary JBREC-U Certifications that help us work well together.

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Connected Worker

We make sure everyone is on the same page and works successfully together through customized communication, earned trust and office-like productivity.

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Compassionate, Candid & Clear Communication

Our goal is to create relationships built on honesty, empathy, understanding, and the ability to share thoughts without fears.

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Open Book Management

Open-book management (OBM) is the business practice of creating transparency by sharing financial information with employees. We empower all of our team members to solve business problems, increase efficiencies, and have a voice in how the company is run.

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Everything DiSC®

We communicate better by providing personalized knowledge of each other's communication styles, motivations, and work preferences, and work hard on improving and appreciating each other’s communication styles.

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We identify and reallocate responsibilities to capitalize on each other’s strengths.

Education and Training Opportunities

Mentorship Program

JBREC’s peer mentorship program allows an additional resource for our team members as they are guided through the onboarding process and beyond to ensure a smooth transition into our company’s culture.


Professional Development

We provide 250 hours of on-the-job training within the first year to enhance your skills and promote the growth and development of our team of experts. We are organized to help you with Career Coaches, Progress Managers, and Trainers focused on your individual career needs. We also provide 65 hours per year toward education goals, including but not limited to Business Writing, Toastmasters, Book Clubs, and Career Development Planning.

Leadership Training

Our leadership training program provides an opportunity to new and emerging leaders within our company to learn the necessary soft skills of effective leaders.


Continuing Education

We support continuous learning through conferences, selective tuition reimbursement, internal education courses, and LinkedIn online learning courses.

What does our team say about our company culture?

At a recent company strategy meeting, we asked all of our team members to write down several words to describe our company culture. This word cloud illustrates the results of that team exercise.

Annie Radecki

My JBREC colleagues are some of the most passionate and curious people in the housing industry who will not stop until they find the right answer for our clients.

Annie Radecki
Dillan Krieg photo

My favorite thing about JBREC is the people. I have never met a kinder and more driven group of people and it’s a pleasure to get to learn from and work with them.

Dillan Krieg
Jenni Nichols photo

JBREC is a great place to work because of all of the PALS that I get to work with day in and day out.

Jenni Nichols
New Home Trends Institute
Sean Wong

My role at JBREC challenges me on a daily basis. As a systemic thinker and perfectionist, the chaos that comes with planning events has helped me grow me into a more balanced individual.

Sean Wong
Gabrielle Clunie

Learning and development are my passions because I love to watch others excel and grow in either their skill set or character. My favorite part about working at JBREC is that we are an organization that values continuous learning to produce innovation.

Gabrielle Clunie
James Penner photo

I love helping others! As a JBREC team member, I am privileged to get to do that on a daily basis by helping clients answer tough questions and make the best informed decisions possible.

James Penner
Joshua Jones photo

My favorite thing about JBREC is the incredible PALS that I feel blessed to work with. Everyone is incredibly kind, fun, inquisitive, supportive, and welcoming.

Joshua Jones

Our company connects in many ways

Weekly Transparent Communication and Celebrations

  • An all hands Monday morning call: 20 minutes, quick report outs, sharing of financial results, and celebrations of:
    • our personalities (Zoom background topic of the week),
    • a team member (using trivia from our company yearbook), and
    • 3 cross-functional awards for bringing a valued solution to our clients.

In-Person Meetings

We get together at our annual company meeting, annual department meetings, hosted client events, trainings, and many industry events throughout the year

Our Offices

We have many connected team members who live wherever they want, and 7 offices where we pay rent and many work every day or just some days

Virtual Fun icon

Virtual Fun

Book clubs, Toastmasters, Spirit Week, Wellness challenges, trivia contests and a daily teams topic called JBREC Jibber Jabber for those who want to participate


The importance of giving back

JBREC recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. Rather than selecting all the charities, we believe in allowing each team member to decide which organizations they want to support and are passionate about.

We also encourage the team to participate in charitable activities to help the local community by providing paid time off for volunteering. Employees may use the matching and volunteer program to contribute their money, time, and talents to recognized charities, causes or not-for-profit organizations, making a positive difference in their communities and assisting those less fortunate.

Start Your Career at JBREC

We are always looking for great people to join our team and will accept resumes for consideration.

If you have any questions regarding any of our open positions, please contact human resources.

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JBREC Human Resources